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PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma uses your own blood to call upon Stem Cells inside of you to rejuvenate abnormal areas.  Over time, our body stops repairing certain cells.  Platelet rich plasma identifies a problem within the body and starts to repair it.  

Improving collagen for plumping the skin.  Cellulite, scars, hair loss, and wrinkles all look better over time as these Stem Cells go to work.  Often times, only a single treatment is needed.

PRP can improve:
Hair Loss                                                              Non-Healing Wounds
Cellulite                                                              Sports Injuries
Scars (including acne)                                        Fibromyalgia
Pain in extremities                                            Back Pain
Wrinkles (face, neck, and chest)                        Diabetic Neuropathy
Breast enlargement and sensation                   Sexual Function,both Men & Women

PRP -- Platelet Rich Plasma