NuCleanse Face Wash----$49.95
NuCell Universal Cream----$199.99
NuCell Universal Serum----$299.99 (this has the most stem cells)
NuLight Light & Bright Gel----$124.99
NuEye Eye Serum----$149.95
NuCell Anti-Hair Loss Serum----$124.99 (works great)
NuCell Hair Regenerating Shampoo----$39.99
NuCell Hair Regenerating Conditioner----$39.00
Travel Pack of Products (first five facial products)----$37.00

NuGene is anti-aging skincare products that utilize Stem Cell technology in every bottle.  No other skincare brand has ever provided this. Rejuvenate both your skin and your hair using these unparalleled products.  Using science, the skin care industry is being changed. 

NuGene helps reduce the sign of aging, restore your skin, and improve its luminosity.  This is done by adding human growth factors, polypeptides, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals to this collection. 

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NuGene -- Stem Cell technology in every Bottle