Joint Pain

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Joint pain can be due to several different causes.  

Damage to the cartilage.  This can be caused by overuse, trauma , or lack of use.  The cartilage helps to decrease friction in the joint.  When it is damaged or worn down, pain occurs with movement.

Arthritis, which is inflammation of the joint that can worsen with age.  This can cause both pain and stiffness.  

Bursitis, which is inflammation of the fluid sacs of the joints.  These sacs provide a cushion for the joints.  However, they can cause pain with movement when inflamed.  

Strain to the ligaments or tendons associated with the joints can cause both pain and limited range of motion.  These ligaments or tendons can be stretched too far or even torn.

Overuse of the joint and underuse of the joint can both cause pain.  That is why exercise is good for the body, but too much work on the joint can be bad for it.

We have solutions for all of these causes of joint pain.

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